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Will Drywall Help Insulate?

All building materials offer some degree of R-value, or heat flow resistance, but some are better than others. Drywall, for instance, has an R-value of about R-0.5 for its half-inch of thickness. This is quite minimal when you consider that filling a four-inch-thick wall cavity with insulation increases the R-value to about R-15.

Drywall is considered a suitable construction material for interior walls, but its primary purpose is not to insulate. To make a significant difference in heat flow transfer, you must include insulation along with the drywall installation.

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Benefits of Insulating Drywall

The typical recommended R-value for exterior walls is R-13 to R-23. While these are the most important walls to insulate, you can also benefit from improving interior wall insulation.

Insulating the walls between rooms can help you:

  • Improve energy efficiency: This is the primary reason to install insulation, especially in exterior walls. By increasing the R-value of your home’s outer envelope, you help keep heated and cooled air inside the walls where it belongs, decreasing your energy bills in the process. Even interior wall insulation helps to improve efficiency, especially if you have any unused rooms that you want to keep separate from the rest of the house.
  • Dampen sound transfer: Whether you hope to muffle the sound of traffic and construction outside or you want to shut off the noise of your child practicing a new musical instrument, insulation is the key. It doesn’t provide a complete sound barrier, but it certainly helps stifle the brunt of the racket.
  • Slow the spread of fire: Most insulation installed today is fire-rated to help prevent flames from spreading quickly between rooms. Fire-rated drywall is also available. This is a must in certain situations, including the construction of “party walls” that divide duplexes and apartment units. Insulation installed here is also useful for soundproofing purposes.

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Best Types of Insulation to Install Behind Drywall

Now that you recognize the importance of insulating drywall, it’s time to consider the various materials available for the job. The top choices include:

  • Fiberglass batts: This is the least expensive and most commonly used form of insulation in residential applications. Fiberglass batts are available in standard widths designed to fit snugly between studs that are built to code. It’s easiest to install batt insulation during the initial construction phase. Another good time to add it is when you’re replacing the existing drywall.
  • Spray foam: Expandable spray foam is a more efficient option than fiberglass, providing superior R-value ratings per inch of thickness. Spray foam is best reserved for exterior walls where you can maximize its ability to reduce energy costs.
  • Loose-fill cellulose: It’s also possible to insulate existing walls without removing the drywall using loose-fill cellulose. The process works by drilling a small hole near the ceiling between each stud and inserting a nozzle into the hole. Insulation blows into place, filling the cavity from top to bottom. A quick wall patch seals the hole, and retexturing and painting make it impossible to tell the project ever took place. Still, your efforts to insulate the drywall should deliver the many great benefits highlighted above.

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Alpine Insulation is proud to provide quality, dependable insulation and drywall installation services throughout the central and southern Wisconsin areas. We can install fiberglass batts in new walls, insulate behind your existing drywall with cellulose or update the walls in your home with new, fire-rated drywall.

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