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Wall Insulation

If you need an insulation company in Sheboygan, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or a surrounding area in Wisconsin, the experienced team at Alpine Insulation can help you. We work with homeowners, builders and contractors to insulate walls for retrofit and new construction projects.

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Insulating Your Walls

The walls are one of the biggest sources of air leaks inside homes and buildings, so insulating them is essential for maximized year-round energy efficiency and comfort. In general, we recommend insulating both interior and exterior walls.

Installing wall insulation can help:

  • Reduce your utility bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home or building
  • Make your home or building a more comfortable space
  • Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace
  • Reduce noises on different levels inside
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

New Construction & Retrofit Projects

From spray foam for residential new construction projects to fiberglass for retrofit projects, our team does it all. The Alpine Insulation team has experience installing different types of insulation in home and commercial building walls and can handle all your needs.

Some types of insulation are a great fit for new construction projects, while others work especially well in retrofit or reinsulation applications. To learn which is the right fit for your scenario and budget, talk to our experts at Alpine Insulation. We are happy to give you expert advice about the best types and amounts of insulation for each area of your Wisconsin home.

Wall Insulation for New Construction Projects

When installing wall insulation in a new home, fiberglass batts, Rockwool (mineral wool) or spray foam are often the best choices. With the walls open and unfinished, your insulation choices are wide open. Fiberglass batts are the most economical option, while Rockwool offers similar thermal performance with added pest, moisture and mold resistance. Blown-in cellulose or fiberglass are viable options with slightly higher R-values than batt insulation, but they are messy and inconvenient in unfinished walls.

For new construction, spray foam is often the best option when the budget allows for it. Not only does it provide higher thermal performance than fiberglass or Rockwool, with up to R-6.5 per inch compared to the R-4.5 per inch of fiberglass, but it also offers air sealing and waterproofing abilities at the same time. Plus, with fiberglass batts, you can only fit a maximum of an R-21 batt in a standard two-by-six wall, but with the higher R-values per inch of spray foam, the same 5½-inch deep wall can hold spay foam insulation rated up to R-30. In Wisconsin’s brutal winters, that can make a significant difference in comfort and heating costs.

Reinsulating Your Home’s Walls

If you are adding insulation to the walls in an existing home, blown-in cellulose or fiberglass are your best options. Not only do they offer higher R-values per inch than batt insulation, but blown-in insulation also offers some additional air sealing because it expands to fill tight spaces other types of insulation couldn’t reach.

Plus, the drywall or finished wall surfaces would need to be removed to install batts or spray foam insulation. Blown-in insulation, in comparison, can be installed through small openings drilled in each void between wall studs. That means repairs after the installation are minimal, limited to only siding or drywall patches, whereas installing batt insulation would require new drywall, taping and paint. Blown-in insulation is a great choice for both retrofit and reinsulation purposes.

Wall Insulation Contractors Serving Eau Claire, Sheboygan, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay & Surrounding Areas

If you need more insulation for your home in Wisconsin, make Alpine Insulation your first and last call. Our residential and commercial teams add energy efficiency, comfort and value to all types of homes and buildings. Consider your search for “insulation contractors near me” over! As part of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies, Alpine Insulation offers knowledge, experience and resources that few local companies can match.

To learn more or start your project, call us at (866) 261-1090 or contact us online. We’re looking forward to helping you with your wall insulation!

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Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort & value to homes & buildings.

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Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of rigid foam insulation.

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