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Air Sealing in Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Even if you upgrade the efficiency and efficacy of your HVAC system to the absolute limit of modern technology, you may still find that your bills run high and your home is drafty — unless you take steps to properly complete the air sealing of your home, through both DIY projects and professional assistance. With effective air sealing, even an unimpressive heating or cooling system can keep your home the exact temperature and humidity you desire without driving up your power bills.

To find out what air sealing improvements Alpine Insulation can offer your home, contact us today by dialing (866) 261-1090 or messaging us online.

What Is Air Sealing?

When air moves in and out of your house through leaks in your insulation or openings around doors or windows, your heating and cooling efficiency drops significantly as a result. Air sealing a home refers to any number of steps you might take to more completely seal comfortable air inside your home and keep outside air from drifting in. The more perfect the seal, the less you’ll need to run your HVAC systems to counteract the temperatures outside or remove infiltrating moisture.

Air Sealing You Can Do On Your Own

There are many forms of air sealing any homeowner can undertake to reduce energy bills; if you’re attentive to basic energy-saving tips, you may already have completed some or all of them in the past. These include improved caulking and weatherstripping of the various gaps in your home, particularly around doors and windows, as these are frequent sources of drafts and energy loss.

You might also want to pay attention to your chimney flue, certain forms of lighting and ductwork, and whether you leave your garage door or the door between your garage and home open. By managing these sources of heat loss, you can have a massive impact on both home comfort and the cost of maintaining that comfort.

Air Sealing That Alpine Insulation Can Do

Alpine Insulation can complete a number of different air sealing improvements that you would struggle to complete as a homeowner, by installing new insulation in the places in your home that leak.

  • Fiberglass insulation. Available as solid batt panels or as blown-in loose insulation.
  • Spray foam insulation. A wet spray insulation that dries and expands into a thickened foam insulation.
  • Cellulose insulation. Plant-derived insulation that’s available as a blown-in loose fill.
  • Rigid foam insulation. Panels of insulating foam installed similarly to fiberglass batts.
  • Rockwool insulation. A unique form of insulation with particularly good soundproofing and moisture-proofing properties, formed by spinning minerals and rocks into fibers.

There are two sorts of air leaks our insulation can resolve: the loss of heat through actual openings or holes in your home and the loss of heat due to energy passing through poorly insulated walls, ducts, and other materials in your home.

Air may not pass directly through metal into your home, for example, but you still want to air seal that metal away from the rest of your home with insulation, if possible, to prevent heat loss through simple radiation.

Each of our offerings matches different use cases and considerations. You might want fiberglass batts in the walls of new-home construction, loose-fill in the attic, spray foam for your basement walls and crawl spaces, and rockwool in your home entertainment room to control sound.

If you’re tired of a drafty home, moisture accumulating on interior walls, ice dams forming due to your leaky attic melting snow and unreasonable power bills, it’s time to take action and tackle the problem at the source. Contact Alpine Insulation today and schedule an appointment to assess your home for air sealing improvements by dialing (866) 261-1090 or contacting us online.

Products We Install
Fiberglass Installation

Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort & value to homes & buildings.

Spray Foam Insulation

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of spray foam insulation.

Rockwool Insulation

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of rockwool insulation.

Rigid Board

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of rigid foam insulation.

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