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Why upgrade insulation in your existing home? We have insulated thousands of homes in southern and central Wisconsin, and not once have we heard the homeowner regret their decision to upgrade their insulation. If you’re looking for local insulation contractors, the team at Alpine Insulation has you covered.

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Home Insulation Types

At Alpine Insulation, we install a variety of materials for residential retrofit insulation projects throughout Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas:

  • Fiberglass (batts and blown-in): Fiberglass insulation, which has been used in homes for decades, is available as loose-fill or batts. Fiberglass is made of tiny glass fibers and is often installed in attics but can be used to insulate walls and crawl spaces as well.
  • Spray foam: Typically made of polyurethane, spray foam insulation is applied wet and expands into thick foam. Spray foam can be installed in crevices and hard-to-reach areas and can help reduce air infiltration.
  • Cellulose:One of the most environmentally friendly materials, celluloseinsulation consists of up to 85 percent recycled material. It can be installed in any area of a home.

Residential retrofit insulation, or re-insulation, projects entail adding more insulation to existing homes. Insulation doesn’t perform flawlessly forever, and there becomes a point when old insulation needs to be removed and new insulation needs to be installed. Re-insulating your home can help you reduce your energy bills and live more comfortably no matter the season.

Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid that expands into voids and attaches itself firmly to surrounding substrates. Because it completely fills the space between framing members and surrounds things like electrical wires and pipes, it offers impressive air sealing properties. It also offers good water resistance. Other benefits of using spray foam include:

  • Excellent air sealing – Helps to keep conditioned air inside while controlling moisture and condensation.
  • High insulation performance – With an R-value of 6 to 6.5 per inch, spray foam significantly outperforms fiberglass and cellulose insulation.
  • High rigidity – With its strong adherence to nearby surfaces, spray foam insulation can significantly increase the structural integrity of finished wall systems once cured.
  • High energy efficiency – With its impressive insulation and air sealing performance, spray foam can significantly reduce energy usage and utility costs.
  • Increased comfort – Spray foam can improve heating and cooling performance, comfort, air quality and humidity control.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted, reliable spray foam installer in Oshkosk. Contact us today to get a project estimate!

The top feedback we hear from clients who hire us to upgrade their insulation:

  • “My home is so much more comfortable after we had Alpine upgrade the insulation”
  • “My house is so much quieter now that I upgraded my insulation”
  • “My house is so much more comfortable, and I am saving large amounts of money on my monthly utility bills, what a great investment”

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Ready to start saving money on your energy bills? Schedule a free insulation consultation to see where your home is losing the most energy and which type of insulation will be the most effective for you and your family.

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Products We Install
Fiberglass Installation

Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort & value to homes & buildings.

Spray Foam Insulation

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of spray foam insulation.

Rockwool Insulation

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of rockwool insulation.

Rigid Board

Alpine Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of rigid foam insulation.

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